GFB Impact Fund

At the 2021 Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) Annual Meeting, voting delegates unanimously endorsed the creation of the GFB State Impact Fund, a political action committee (PAC), to advocate on behalf of agriculture and farmers. The following week, the GFB Board of Directors unanimously voted to put it into action.

With the 2022 elections on the horizon, it is vital that we work to get our PAC up and running as quickly as possible. Support for the GFB State Impact Fund can come from county Farm Bureaus, GFB members, local farm businesses, and others who share our mission to support the candidacies and elections of qualified individuals to public office who have demonstrated a commitment to furthering and strengthening the agricultural industry, regardless of political affiliation.

Each contribution to the GFB State Impact Fund is voluntary and will ensure that Georgia Farm Bureau continues to have a seat at the legislative table for years to come. To learn more about the GFB Impact Fund, please contact Alex Bradford.

Contribute to the ImPACT Fund


You can contribute to the GFB State Impact Fund online or by mail. If you would like to mail a check, please complete this form and mail to:

GFB State Impact Fund
Attn: Alex Bradford
1620 Bass Road
Macon, GA 31210


*All contributions are solely voluntary and not tax deductible. Each contribution must be accompanied by the contribution form to be accepted.